How Much will I have to pay?

I should get a top-notch attorney?  Well-known attorneys will ask for $10,000 or more to handle part of a felony non-prison case.  An attorney that asks for under $1000 to handle the same case probably will not show up.

Our firm does accept cases on a contingency fee basis.  Many personal injury or worker compensation cases are accepted on contingency (client does not pay upfront fee) fee basis if the attorney believes there is a strong likelihood of recovering damages for the client. 

Media hungry or celebrity attorneys and doctors aren’t always competent.  Check your attorney or doctor to make sure they don’t have a disciplined by the state.   Hire an attorney you feel comfortable with.

Celebrity doctor surrenders license: California attorney search, public record of discipline:

Questions you should ask any potential criminal defense attorney:
How many trials have you done within the last 2 years? Any not guilty verdicts?  Any hung trials?
Have you ever got someone’s 3rd or 4th strike dismissed (Romero motion)?
Have you ever been disciplined by the State or Federal Bar?



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